Community Center 

The City of Florence is extremely proud of the new Community Center located on Hwy. 469 South next to Hemphill City Park.  Details for using the Community Center are below. The information below is just a general guideline and if a complete document is needed, please contact the Community Center at (601)845-5858.
Community Center / Hemphill Park
437 South Church Street
P. O. Box 187
Florence , Ms. 39073

Ph: (601) 845-5858 or (601) 845-2462
Cell: (601)259-6226
Fax: (601) 845-5882
EMail address:

Application Fee – An Application Fee of $10.00 must accompany the application.

Deposit: A deposit is required to use the Center, and must be received within fourteen days of the City sending notice that the Applicant can use the facility. Following the event, the deposit will be refunded upon an inspection of the building and facility to determine that the building has been property cleaned and that there are no damages to the Florence Community Center or any other property of the City.

Deposit amounts are as follows:

  • $100.00 is required of a City resident applicant
  • $150.00 is required of an applicant from outside the City, but from within Rankin County
  • $250.00 is required for an applicant from outside Rankin County, but within Mississippi
  • $500.00 is required of an applicant from outside the State of  Mississippi

The entire building is approximately 4,000 sq. ft.  The permitted uses of the community center shall be no earlier than 8:00a.m. and no later than 10:00p.m.  Additional charges are added for use of the sound system, table/chairs/ etc.  If set-up and clean-up is needed, there is a fee for this.

Fee Waivers: In some cases the Governing Authorities may consider whether or not to reduce or waive any of the fees.  Some of those cases might include:

  • The percentage of persons attending the function who are citizens of the City of Florence
  • The extent of affiliation with the public school system
  • The nature or extent of affiliation with a church which is located within the city limits of Florence.