Mayor’s Youth Council

The Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of young men and women who participate in community service projects and work with the mayor to plan and carry out events like Florence Day and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. You must be a Florence resident, in high school, and maintain at least a “B” average to be a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council. Click here for an application, or pick one up at City Hall.

Mayor’s Youth Council Officers:

President must be a senior in high school. The President creates and agenda and calendar with the sponsor, leads monthly meetings, appoints committee chairs and performs other duties as necessary.

Vice-President may be any grade in high school. The Vice-President manages all of the Mayor’s Youth Council community service hours, serves as an aide to the President and accepts the responsibility of the President when needed.

Event Coordinator may be any grade in high school. The Event Coordinator helps plan each event that the Mayor’s Youth Council undertakes, forms committees for events, and works with the Vice-President to make sure all council members are participating in various projects.

Secretary may be any grade in high school. The Secretary issues notices of meetings, keeps up with attendance at meetings, and notifies Council members when they have violated attendance policy.

Historian may be any grade in high school. The Historian takes pictures at meetings and events for newspapers, maintains the Mayor’s Youth Council scrapbook, and coordinates projects and events with the Mayor’s Youth Council and the community.

If you wish to be considered for the position of Officer in the Mayor’s Youth Council, send an essay with your answers to the following questions to Mayor Bob Morris either by bringing them to City Hall or emailing :

1. What position are you applying for? Why do you think this position best fits your skills and personality?

2. What is your definition of a team player?

3. How should the council address absenteeism? Poor attitudes? Failure to show at events?

4. Do your school, work and home schedules allow you enough time to be an officer?

5. What direction or projects would you like to see the Council address this year?

6. Are great leaders made or born?