Economic Development

On behalf of the City of Florence we want to extend an invitation for you to visit our great city. Whether you have passed through on the highway or possibly made a visit, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some additional information that you may not know.

Quite charm links hometown convenience with capitol city accessibility to make the City of Florence a very special place to live and raise a family. Educational excellence, municipal amenities and business vitality round out the appealing qualities of our attractive community located in southwest Rankin County.

Strategically located, Florence offers optimum shopping convenience for a large consumer population. The heart of Florence lies in the crossroads of Highway 49 and Highway 469, with additional roads that link to other cities and communities. With only a short driving distance to Jackson metropolitan area, it has become the crossroads of the south. Dallas is 400 miles west and Atlanta is 400 miles east; it is less than 200 miles to New Orleans or Memphis. We are only a few hours distance to two seaports on our own Gulf Coast. Manufacturers take advantage of the ease of moving their goods quickly and economically by truck, rail and air to national and international markets. The Jackson International Airport, only minutes from our city, affords convenient air travel for either business or pleasure.

Florence has become one of the fastest growing communities in Mississippi. With a Level 5 school system, a low crime rate and low taxes, more and more people are finding that Florence is an ideal city to live, work and do business.

Whether you are a business owner, prospective resident, new employee or first time visitor, we know you will love Florence as so many others do.