Let’s Read, Rankin!

A project to improve literacy by encouraging a love of reading

Amanda Roberts has a plan to make a difference in our community:

“I love to read. Often, I go to the book store and leave with stacks of books. I recall during elementary school attending the Book Fairs held at school and spending every penny that I had saved along with the money my parents gave me to buy tons of books. I also remember the children who were not able to attend the Book Fair because they didn’t have the money to buy books. I believe those early years of choosing my own books, taking them home and reading them is where my love for reading began.

Through the encouragement of my own school, Jackson Preparatory School, of adult mentors and of principals in the local Rankin County Elementary Schools, I have created a plan to have FREE Book Fairs for children ages K-2nd grade in Rankin County Elementary Schools. Currently these FREE Book Fairs are tentatively scheduled for January, 2017 at Richland Elementary School, Steens Creek Elementary School (Florence) and McLaurin Elementary School. Ultimately, it would be fantastic if we could have them at all Rankin County Elementary Schools.

This is quite a task, and this is where I need your help. These three schools together have approximately 1,400 children in K-2nd grade: Rankin County wide has approximately 4,700 children in K-2nd grade. Since I would like for each child to be able to choose two to three books, I need to have approximately 4,000 books for the first three schools. I am collecting books, new and gently used, as well as monetary funds, 100% of which will be used to buy books.

Yes, right here in Rankin County there are many children who do not have the reading resources they need. The Mississippi Literacy-Based Promotion Act of 2013 requires that students exiting third grade are reading on grade level. Some children are falling short of this requirement. I know these FREE Book Fairs will help improve literacy by encouraging a love for reading.

Most of all, I can’t wait to see the faces of these children light up when they get to write their names in the books they choose, and take them home to read them over and over.

Thank you for your generosity and support through your prayers, encouragement and donations.”

You can donate here to the Let’s Read Rankin GO FUND ME page.

On Friday, January 20th, Amanda Roberts hosted a Let’s Read Rankin Book Fair at Steen’s Creek Elementary School. She spoke with each class about her love of reading, the importance or reading and why she wants them to love reading. Thereafter, each child in the school chose 2 books to take home and keep, and they were given a Let’s Read Rankin bookmark with a special message about reading. Approximately 1,150 books were distributed to the students at no cost to the students or the school district.